Saturday, 30 October 2010


Zurfiz by BA – a new dimensions in bedroom & kitchen design...

BA has never been a company to follow convention without asking whether there is a better way out there and the launching of their brand new Zurfiz by BA collection illustrates this point perfectly.

Zurfiz is all about surface – the brand name itself is a linguistic joke. They set themselves the task of finding the ultimate way to manufacture a perfect gloss finish. They ended up using 18mm MDF for a core and cold laminating it, either with Senoplast acrylic or PVC. Utilising cold laminating meant they rid themselves of the heat issues where changes in the composition of the material occurred. The result: superior smoothness resembling glass.

Zurfiz doors are available to buy with a choice of three edges, all individually sourced and matched by Döllken. The three options are: A self-coloured edge for a solid acrylic door look, a 3D glass effect which is stunningly realistic and lastly a brushed steel effect edge.

At the time of writing you can choose from six ultragloss solid colours, four ultragloss woodgrains, six matt finishes and four fantasy finishes – two textured and two metallic.

As with BA’s well established Bella range of doors, Zurfiz will be available with the production promise of made to measure, any colour, any finish with 10 -14 day turnaround.

“We’re extremely pleased with the result and the initial feedback from customers who’ve seen the product” said a BA spokesman.

Check out our brochure page where you can view full BA range in "Flip Book" and "pdf" formats here

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